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About Us

About Our Company

Since we Started our business 20 years ago, We Seeks to take one step further to provide the best detection technology for our customers. We won’t stop researching until you find all your deep underground objects, structures and anomalies like tunnels and cavities, pipelines and utilities, metal targets and hoards, ancient treasures and artifacts, foundations and water deposits.

Geo Ground Productions

From an idea to the largest brand in the field of gold and metal detectors using the latest German technology.
Development of Geo Ground machines takes place at the headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, starting from research and brainstorming via handmade production up to the delivery of the metal detectors to our .
The internal departments responsible for the development are:


  • Department of Mold design and construction
  • Department of Circuit board design and placement
  • Department of Detectors assembly and testing
  • Department of Software development and programming
  • Department of Sales and support services

Technologies in Numbers

Molds Constructions
Circuit Designing